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The Salad Company will not pass on any customer details, without permission, except and unless we are so required to do so by law or to process payment for your order. We strongly believe the customer’s right to privacy and will only retain necessary details on our system, which is safeguarded against unauthorized access. Visitors to The Salad Company’s website can do so without the need to divulge any details but to enable you to become a customer it is necessary to register with us and share some basic information. Most of our customers register with us on line though we do offer the facility for you to register by post with your first order if you prefer. If we should have any difficulty with your order, for instance an item is out of stock, or we have a problem with delivery, then we may have to contact you. Unless you have indicated otherwise, this will normally be by telephone but we may also contact you via email.

We may also contact web customers by email to give advice of special offers and include an easy link back to our site. You can inform us that you do not wish to receive this service at any time by unsubscribing on a link which will also be available. If for any reason you cease to shop with us for a time, we will maintain your name on our database and may continue to send email newsletters for a period of time for your information. If you reply that you do not wish to receive any further contact from us, then we will remove you from our database. The Salad Company will not contact you asking you to confirm your card details by email. It may be necessary for us to phone you. We will always quote you your password from our site if you are suspicious.

The images, logos and names on this website which identify The Salad Company are proprietary marks of The Salad Company. All rights are reserved. Be assured that The Salad Company will not contact you for any reason other than to administer your order if this is your preference.

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